Getting from concept to capsule is tougher than ever, especially in the Pharmaceutical Industy, and it seems every day brings new demands to do even more with even less. Who can you turn to when you need to…Bring complex projects in on time, on budget, and on spec?
Increase right-first-time results for paperwork as well as products? Improve yield, repeatability, and cycle time?
Reduce both planned and unplanned maintenance, as well as cleaning and calibration time? Slash time spent managing SOPs and compliance documentation? Cut costs for electricity, steam, and WFI?

When the stakes are high, the smart choice in automation partners is PHD. No one matches our life-sciences experience, automation know-how, and range of services and technologies to meet your needs — including…

Predictive intelligence – Detect potential problems before they affect production.

Process automation – Reduce variability and shorten cycle times with superior batch, continuous, and advanced control.

Compliance management – Enjoy consistent “best practice” production and eliminate error-prone manual paperwork.

Asset optimization – Avoid downtime by keeping instruments, machinery, and process equipment running at their best.

Measurement & analytical – Cut calibration costs and delays while ensuring reliable accuracy.

Final control – Be assured of dependable control, day in and day out.

Project services – Deliver expected results without the usual cost, schedule, and integration headaches.

See for yourself why so many pharmaceutical leaders have chosen PHD for smarter projects, smarter operations, and smarter technologies.

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